Our Kickstarter Successes

As a studio we've been apart of many successful kickstarter campaigns, though you may not have known it. This page is dedicated to our studio's personal kickstarter campaigns and links to where you can access those miniatures and pieces of artwork.  And Thank you again to anyone who has been part of or a backer for one of our campaigns.

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Grimm Hunters
Chapter One: The Red Huntress

Our studios maiden Kickstarter. Over 800% funded, fully funded in less than 6 hours. The beginning of our Grimm Hunters playable story.

Kickstarter Page

Space Cadet

Our first 3d printable only, Kickstarter campaing. Simple and elegant, just the STL files to print at home. A Pin-up Sculpt Series featuring a Space Cadet theme.  Almost 200% funded and fully funded within 36hours.

Kickstarter Page

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Grimm Hunters
Chapter Two: Monsters Beware

Chapter Two of the compelling Grimm Hunters Story. What troubles will Hansel and Gretel get into in this adventure driven RPG designed for the 5e dnd system.

Over nearly 400% funded and fully funded in 4 hours.


Kickstarter Page

Gunslinger Girl

A new model for the Space Cadet sculpt series. gunslinger girl is available in both Mini and Figurine sizes. Fully Funded in 24 hours and over 250% funded!

Kickstarter Page

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